Risen in yesteryear's industrial revolution, constantly challenging and innovating to a brighter future.

It was a time when manufacturing was sparse, that visionary middle aged William Moore led his work team on a journey from Feering to Kelvedon, one of the UK's revolution epicenters. One year prior, the railway had opened and the importance of the steam engine founded a new era that took the world to a new futuristic age.

Moores 1879

With the increase in travel through the railway Charles and Edward built The Temperance Hotel.

The first horse-drawn omnibus


Charles and Edward retired after a 40-year stint, passing the business to Charles' three sons - William, Horace and Basil. The business continued to grow even with the First World War and the motorised buses.

Coggeshall and Kelvedon Discrict Laundry


The first bay of the factory was built in Springfield Road. The bus company expanded its fleet of double deckers and by now the routes networked throughout Essex.

The Second World War started. William Died.


Harold, cousin Percy and Horace continued to expand the fleet of double deckers with routes running beyond Essex. Horace died.

Moore Bros was sold to Eastern National


The twin tub washing machine became very popular. Dudley was concerned that the market was less buoyant. A partnership was formed between Eric, Dudley and the Tiptree properties bought. In a new and risky initiative, the linen rental service makes its first appearance in the UK. County Linen was born.

With the knowledge gained from years working with his father Edward William Moore in his local merchant transportation business, William and his two sons Charles and Edward expanded the business into horse and carriage rental. They helped main institutions in accomplishing their goals, from pulling the Kelvedon post truck to providing a team of horses for the fire truck. William died In 1865 after 21 years at the helm.

The Temperance Hotel

Old Wagon


they purchased their first horse-drawn omnibus that ran between Coggeshall and Kelvedon.

img source: horsesandhistory.wordpress.com

The fourth generation


Eric, Harold and cousin Percy joined the company with their fathers shortly after the war. With ongoing washing difficulties at the Temperance Hotel and the recent alliance between Eric and the Croyden family who had recently taken ownership of the Hitcham School, William saw the need for a laundry. Coggeshall and Kelvedon District Laundry was born.

Business expansion


William died one year after the start of World War II. Eric and Harold saw the Laundry business expand to meet the demands of the American bases at Earls Colne and Adrewsfield

Routes running beyond Essex


Moore Bros bus company who had been the backbone of Kelvedon for many decades was sold comprising of the property and an impressive fleet of forty double deckers to Eastern National.

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