As a leading textile rental operator in the UK,
we are committed to continuous improve in
environmental performance and pollution prevention


Our environmental policy

The managing director is responsible to the board for the company’s performance and implementation of environmental policy and is supported by the individual site senior managers who provide regular reports on progress.

Our approach is guided by a number of principles which all employees are required to support.


Environmental policy

It is the objective of County Linen Service Limited to provide customers with products and services which meet the high standards of quality and reliability essential to application needs of its customers' requirements. We also believe in the Environment, and maintaining our standards which embrace this Policy.
We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of all of our services and share this firstly with our staff and educate them in the meaning of a thorough involvement with this scheme.
To achieve these objectives it is the policy of the company to establish and maintain an effective and efficient environmental policy.

• Water
We regularly monitor our water processes to ensure the water we have used is recycled back deemed fit with all chemicals us in the cleaning processes neutralised back before it enters the sewer.
• Electricity
We have invested Solar energy and all power used is invertor controlled. We use L E.D Lights for efficiency.
• Gas
The burners are regularly serviced for efficiency. The consumption is monitored and compared against the production figure on a daily/weekly basis to monitor and maintain efficiency.
• Suppliers
These are evaluated to give us reliable service and ensure we get value for money to pass onto our customers.
• Transport
We have a NEW fleet of vehicles all Euro 5& 6 Standards. Route optimization is used to plan routes effectively and telematics to monitor drivers style and efficiency.
• Health and Safety
Our policy is strictly observed and all staff are trained to observe these requirements from the beginning of their employment. Waste products are monitored and recycled where possible in the prescribed environmental way.

The quality systems are provided to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and may be modified to suit other national and international standards but will not negate the minimum requirements. We will protect the environment, fulfil the Companies compliance obligations and continually improve the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.
The Quality Assurance Consultant has the authority and responsibility to establish and maintain the necessary programme and the organisational freedom to recognise environmental quality problems and to initiate recommendations or provide solutions to rectify these problems.
All employees are committed to the development and strengthening of the partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
We will continually strive to provide innovative and higher quality services to enhance our customers continued long term profitable growth by understanding and exceeding their requirements and anticipating their future expectations.

Tim Moore
Managing Director

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