We offer modern and classic workwear for restaurants, hotels,
pubs, clubs, and catering services designed
for performance and comfort to suit your brand.

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Building a consistent hospitality brand
through workwear

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive market. Whether you run a restaurant, pub, hotel, club or catering service you know how important is to adopt successful strategies. Building a consistent brand its what gain an advantage over your competition, and it's not just having a nice logo. Every and each step needs to be carefully built to stand from competitors. From choosing the perfect location to identify the competitor's strengths and weakness, all details are important to succeed in a modern hospitality.

business. Workwear is an important extension of your brand. Its the connection between your business concept, your work team and your clients. The result is a consistent brand. Your brand value working together with a positive spirit team creates an unconscious well-being sensation in your clients. This is when the magic happens, your clients are naturally pushed to return to your restaurant, pub, club or catering service.

Express your brand through workwear


Uniforms for Hotels

100 diferent styles to choose

Diferent sizes and colours

Packs for Waiters

Specially designed for your brand

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Get the image suited for your pub

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Jackets, trousers, aprons, hats, shirts, cloths for chef´s, assistants, waiters, bartenders, receptionists

Garments from the best designers in the world.

Diferent sizes and colours

Chef 's jacket with colour edges

Designs to suit your brand concept

Diferent sizes and colours

Hospitality Uniforms

Get your unique style

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Formal or casual unifoms

Get a consistent brand

Diferent sizes and colours

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