Offering a professional Laundry service
throughout Norfolk & surrounding areas.


Norfolk Laundry Services

Norfolk Laundry Services have extensive experience in providing a professional, bespoke workwear rental and laundry service across Norfolk and it's surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in giving our customers an affordable, efficient service. Norfolk Laundry Services cater for a wide range of business across the UK, from individuals looking for an alternative workwear rental and laundry service to large business looking for a stress free professional brand opportunity for their employees. We supply a bespoke range of garments for hospitality, Chefs, Ligh and Havey workwear and non-contaminated workwear uniforms. Norfolk Laundry Services have the experience and knowledge when it comes to looking professional 100% of the time, once you are finished with your uniform just bring it back and let us take care of the dirty work! Ready for when you next need it.


The ultimate Norfolk Laundry Services ‌
appropriate for your industry.

At Norfolk Laundry Services we understand how important it is to make the right impression when it comes to your business, our Norfolk laundry service and workwear rental service is ideal for industries and individuals who are in need of bespoke tailored workwear garments

various workwear

Hospitality - Norfolk Laundry Services

Norfolk Laundry Services take care of all your restaurant, catering, hotel, and all hospitality uniform needs. Whether you are front of house or behind the kitchen we ensure all our workwear is made and fitted to the highest quality, our bespoke designs are expertly put together to help create a unique brand for your business. As one of the UK's leading workwear rental and laundry service we take pride in our exclusive range of uniforms and it doesn't stop there. Once the day is done send it back to us and we will wash clean and press your garments ready for the next shift, thanks to our wide interest in modernisation Norfolk Laundry services are able to use high end equipment to ensure hospitality uniforms return to you brand new.

workwear for chefs

Food industry -Norfolk Laundry Services

At Norfolk Laundry Services we apprehend that when it comes to being a chef or caterer it can be a warm messy environment. Our chef uniforms are designed to help you work in comfort and provide a cool flexible fit making cooking that much easier. These swift chef whites are ideal for commercial kitchens, bakeries and catering companies, Norfolk Laundry Services understand a chef must look professional and sharp at all times, with our excellent laundry service we can remove those food stains in no time. Our food industry attire can be personalised to suit your brand and still maintain professionalism and five-star standards. Say goodbye to off white stained uniforms and hello to fitted high end chef whites with County Linen Norfolk Laundry Service

mechanic's workwear

Light & heavy industries - Norfolk Laundry Services

You don't need to work in the hospitality industry to look professional, our Norfolk Laundry service offers a wide range of uniforms for all sectors including light & heavy industries. We provide overalls, PPE, and enhanced protective uniforms for those in the industrial business, with flame and chemical splash resistant uniforms you can be rest assured your getting protection as well as looking professional. Norfolk laundry services offer standard and bespoke uniforms with durable and hard wearing material, ranging in many different colours and styles.

Industrial Workwear

Safety work - Norfolk Laundry Services

Resilient and reliable is what comes to mind when you're looking for safety workwear, County Linen offer an advanced workwear rental and laundry service that ensures complete sanitation and non contaminated garments. Our consistent high standards shows how much we prioritise you and your staff, and the importance of their safety within the workplace, if that's an individual or your whole company we take care of managing your brands uniforms. Our competitive prices and trustworthy customer care allows our clients to build long lasting relationships with us, becoming not just our customers but our partner. County Linen's Norfolk laundry service and workwear rental service is renowned for it's exceptional assistance in helping our clients build their brand with out the distress of staff uniforms.

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