Offering a professional Laundry service Essex throughout the South East

Laundry Service Essex

County Linen is a leading laundry service provider in the UK, our strategy is to be a business partner building a long term relationship based on integrity, honesty and trust. We offer you an effective and reliable laundry service, let us do what we do best so that you have the time to do what you do best. At Laundry Service Essex our team offer a professional and friendly workwear and laundry service, we understand that it can be time-consuming trying to find the correct work garments. Let us not only supply the workwear but pick up the laundry too, giving our customers a stress-free complete workwear rental and laundry service in Essex and it's surrounding areas.

Laundry services Essex specialise in providing a bespoke laundry and rental service for business across Essex and the UK. When it comes to your professional attire we understand the need for it to be pristine and clean, laundry services Essex endeavour to make our clients feel confident when wearing our garments. We take pride in providing a professional, friendly service to all our client's, as a business or employee you don't need to stresses of paying out for a uniform that's why all workwear rentals come with a fresh high quilty laundry service. With our wealth of expereince, we understand the urgency when it comes to having clean, fresh uniforms for your employees on a day to day basis. Your employees and brand is the first thing your clients see when they come into contact with your business,

Laundry services Essex has a quality reputation and take pride in our high percentage of Essex customers who always come back to us. Our customer service is highly talked about as well as our excellent service. County Linen has worked with some major brands throughout Essex and it's surround areas as well as providing a cost-effective, affordable workwear rental and laundry service our aim is to make your business a priority

The ultimate Laundry Service Essex
appropriate for your industry in Essex.

various workwear

Hospitality - Laundry Service Essex ‌ ‌

The industry of hospitality in business could be an extremely competitive market. whether that's a restaurant, pub, hotel, club or business service, you recognise however necessary it is to adopt productive and effective methods. constructing the same business could put you ahead of your competition, and it's best to start with the eye of the brand. County Linen understand the importance of looking smart and professional that's why we offer a complete laundry and workwear rental service. Let us help your client's experience your business at it's highest standards

workwear for chefs

Food industry - Laundry Service Essex ‌ ‌

All of County Linen's garments are cleaned and pressed to perfection, when it comes down to the food industry our exclusive garment service provides cleaning to the highest standards. Laundry services Essex provide bespoke uniforms designed especially for this particular industry, we supply to bakeries, Meat & poultry, processed food and frozen ambience garments across Essex and the UK. Laundry Services Essex make it our priority to prevent food contamination as well as an affordable workwear rental service. Get in touch now and start your stress free workwear and laundry journey.

mechanic's workwear

Light & heavy industries - Laundry Service Essex ‌ ‌

Stay protective when using heavy flammable equipment, safeguard your workforce with our highly protective fit for purpose garments. Laundry Services Essex take care of your health and safety making hard work easy. Our unique laundry service allows are clients to rent their uniform with the reassurance it will deliver it's purpose. We cover workwear rental and laundry services for Automotive, Metal, construction and safety work wear industries all over Essex and the UK.You can trust us to keep your uniform professional and keep with the heath and safety regulations

Industrial Workwear

Safety work - Laundry Service Essex ‌ ‌

It's not impossible to prevent your workwear from air contamination, whether your industry is medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and industrial County Line laundry services Essex understand how important it is to maintain a low level of air contamination in your clean room. Our team are experts when it comes to the laundry of your garments, we pride ourselves in providing advanced sterilisation for all your workwear, get your workwear rental and laundry services Essex with peace of mind

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